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System Integration Complete: Our system integration is now complete, giving Legacy People’s Trust members access to a new and improved digital banking system and the full First Service product suite. Please note that any card or digital banking transactions made after 5:45 PM on October 31 will have a posting date of November 1 and will appear on your November month-end statement. In addition, First Service will not charge any Courtesy Pay, overdraft transfer, or late loan payment service charges for any transactions made during the system conversion from October 29 through November 1. Click here to learn more.



People helping people makes your life easier. 


Un-Banking can start anywhere. Even at home. 

With HomeBranch™ Online Banking you get access to your account from the comfort and convenience of any online computer or mobile device. Some of the great features and services include: 

  • Free Mobile App for Android or Apple to handle your banking on the go, including Mobile Deposit
  • Customized Account Alerts sent by text or email when you want them for a range of reminders or on demand with a quick text
  • Free BillPay
  • eStatements and e-Notices delivered to your inbox - more convenient and safer than regular mail 
  • See your complete financial picture in one place with Money Management by adding your outside accounts
  • Move money between your accounts here and other financial institutions using Funds Transfer or pay friends and family using Zelle



Zelle® is a convenient way to send money using your mobile banking app or online banking account.

Whether it's saving you a trip to the ATM or taking out the guesswork of divvying up the cost of the lunch tab, Zelle® is a fast, safe and easy way to send and request money with friends, family and others you trust2. Money is sent directly to the recipient's account in a matter of minutes1, and all you need is the recipient's email address or U.S. mobile phone number.

  • Send - Send money fast in just a few steps
  • Settle up with roommates, friends and more, regardless of where they bank2.
  • Split - Easily divide the cost of the dinner check, coffee and more

Find out more about Zelle®.

Zelle and the Zelle related marks are wholly owned by Early Warning Services, LLC and are used herein under license.

1 Transactions typically occur in minutes when the recipient's email address or U.S. mobile number is already enrolled with Zelle®.

2 Must have a bank account in the U.S. to use Zelle®.


Pay for purchases using your mobile device at participating merchants that support contactless payments.

Mobile Banking App

People helping people is something to carry with you. So is your financial institution! 

Our mobile app brings you the convenience and ease of accessing your account information right from your Android and/or Apple device: 

  • Check your balance
  • Transfer funds 
  • Pay bills
  • Mobile Check Deposit - Read the disclosure and FAQs for information about eligibility, limits and holds
  • Locate the nearest branch and/or surcharge-free ATM 

Account Alerts

Get the updates that matter most to you and your finances. Personalize your Account Alerts and get the notifications you want when you need them via text*, email or both. 

Alerts include: 

  • Balance update
  • Low balance
  • High balance
  • Large withdrawal
  • Large deposit
  • Check cleared
  • Loan payment due reminder 
  • Loan payment overdue reminder
  • Maturity date reminder
  • Personal message reminder 

Balance alerts can be sent on any day of the week and for other frequencies:

  • Every two weeks
  • Monthly
  • Twice monthly
  • Every 3 months 
  • Every 6 months
  • Every year

*Standard text message rates apply 


Make paying bills as easy as being a member of People's Trust. 

Take the hassle out of paying bills monthly: 

  • Receive and pay eBills online. Many payees can send your electronic bills (eBills) through our BillPay service - some eBills can be automatically paid upon arrival. 
  • Schedule repeating payments. Automatically make repeating payments such as mortgage payments and rent. Payments can be scheduled to arrive at each payee by the due date. Funds will not be debited from your account until the scheduled due date. 
  • Pay anyone! Add any person or company in the U.S. as a payee - then pay them at your convenience. 

It’s easy to sign up for Bill Pay.  

  • Log in to HomeBranch™ and click Bill Pay. 
  • Answer a few security questions and accept the Terms & Conditions.
  • We’ll review your account and you’ll receive your approval e-mail within 2 days and you can start paying bills.  


Upgrade to better speed, accessibility and security with eStatements. Simply add eStatements in HomeBranch™: 

  • Log in to HomeBranch™ and click eStatements
  • Review the Online Statement Disclosure
  • Click continue to accept the disclosure

Signing up for eStatements automatically enrolls you into e-Notices. With e-Notices, you’ll receive more convenient updates for: 

  • Loan billing notices 
  • Certificate maturity notices 
  • Money Management and Ready Cash Lines of Credit 
  • Share draft notices 
  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) notices

All e-Notice recipients will be sent an e-mail notification when an e-Notice is available. The e-Notice can then be viewed in HomeBranch™ online banking under Additional Services, then Products and Services.


Text Message Banking* enables you to securely check balances and transactions anywhere via a simple SMS text message. Any HomeBranch™ user can receive updates with simple text commands. 


  • Log in to HomeBranch™, click MOBILE BANKING AND ALERTS under the Additional Services tab 
  • Click Start Text Banking Now in the right sidebar and follow the prompts to register your phone number  

Once you're set up, you may text the following commands to: 454545

  • BAL - Primary Balance 
  • LAST - Last 5 transactions 
  • TRANS - Transfer funds to primary account 
  • STOP - Deactivate service 
  • HELP - Help keywords 

*Standard text message rates apply


ClickSWITCH is an easy way for People's Trust members to quickly and securely switch your current direct deposits and automatic payments from your previous financial institution to People's Trust. Both new members and current members will benefit from this product. ClickSWITCH also gives you the opportunity to close your old accounts.

To use ClickSWITCH, login into HomeBranch and find it located under "Additional Services".


Climb to new heights with the MONEY MANAGEMENT financial management tool. Visualize and interact with your money in the most epic ways.

  • Know Your Finances - See all your accounts, including those with other financial institutions; add outside accounts, credit cards, mortgages, and more
  • Track Your Budget - Bubble budgets help you understand the relative health of your budgets instantly
  • Watch Your Spending - Every transaction is automatically categorized so you can spend smarter by literally seeing where your money is being spent

Check out MONEY MANAGEMENT in HomeBranch™ online banking! 

Move Money

Whether you’re moving money from savings to checking, one of our outside accounts, or sending money to a friend or family member, easy funds transfer tools are at your disposal under the Move Money tab in HomeBranch™.

To transfer money outside of People's Trust, you can use 

  • Funds Transfer to send money to accounts you own outside of People's Trust
  • Zelle to pay friends and family for free
  • Request a Wire for large transfers. 
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