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Get involved and help us make a happy un-banking difference! 

People’s Trust Federal Credit Union is a not-for-profit cooperative that serves to meet our members’ financial needs. By joining People’s Trust, you obtain an ownership within the credit union and have an opportunity to manage and govern your financial institution.

To continue to maintain a financially sound corporate strategy, we have our Board of Directors who are elected annually by our members. The Board of Directors freely volunteer their time, knowledge and experience to make the best decisions for our membership.

Interested in becoming a Board of Director? After serving on one of the following committees and showing your dedication, you could be considered for an open board position.

If you would like to get involved with People’s Trust, then apply for one or more of the following volunteer committees below. Read the description of each committee and then click ‘Apply to Volunteer.’

Financial Resources Board of managers

Financial Resources offers alternative investments and personal lines of insurance to the credit union’s membership. It exists to offer competitive insurance products and services to strengthen our members financial relationship with the credit union.

The meetings are approximately 60 minutes and are held quarterly.

foundation board of directors

The People’s Trust Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The Foundation Board of Directors oversees and executes our Foundation’s mission: to advance financial literacy and economic independence among Houstonians.

The meetings are approximately 60 minutes and are held quarterly.

board governance and development committee

The Board Governance and Development Committee monitors and improves the governance process. The Committee is responsible for developing skills and knowledge for all volunteers. The Committee recommends educational opportunities, establishes annual training, and recommends the travel budget for the Board of Directors.

The meetings are approximately 60 minutes and are held quarterly.

board volunteer recruitment committee

The primary role of the Volunteer Recruitment Committee is to identify and recruit qualified candidates to fill any vacancies on the Financial Resources Board, Foundation Board, and the Board Governance and Development Committee. If necessary, the Volunteer Recruitment Committee will submit names for consideration to fill vacancies for the Board of Directors. This Committee is also responsible for collecting and maintaining information on potential volunteers.

The meetings are approximately 60 minutes and are held quarterly.

board community outreach committee

The Board Outreach Committee’s primary role is to interact with the credit union’s membership and represent the Board of Directors at sponsored community events. The Committee is also required to attend the credit union’s Annual Meeting of the Membership. The Committee is responsible for encouraging credit union Volunteers to participate in various community events and be available to discuss the benefits of People’s Trust.

The meetings are approximately 60 minutes and are held quarterly.

board Appointed Committees

The following committees are appointed by the Board Chair and are typically reserved for volunteers with prior board volunteer experience, though not necessary.

Supervisory Committee

The Supervisory Committee act as the “watch dog” over the organization.  Working with the Internal Auditor, the Supervisory Committee is responsible for monitoring the credit union’s compliance with applicable rules, regulations and applicable laws. Annually, they engage the services of an external audit firm to audit the accuracy of the financial statements and test certain internal controls for adequacy.

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is responsible for nominating at least one member for each vacancy, including any unexpired term vacancy for which elections are being held. Also, the Committee must assure that the members being nominated agree for their names to be placed in the nomination and will accept office if elected.

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