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Enrich Financial Wellness Program

Welcome to Enrich and its wide array of personalized tools engineered to boost your financial wellness.

WIN UP TO $100*

Be entered into a drawing for one of three raffle prizes when you register and complete Enrich courses by September 30th. Registering, plus each completed course count as individual entries in the drawing. Don’t miss your chance to win one of three gift cards, up to $100!

prize drawing prize amount
PRIZE 1 $100.00 Gift Card
PRIZE 2 $50.00 Gift Card
PRIZE 3 $25.00 Gift Card

*For the full Cash Prize Giveaway Official Rules, click here.

People's Trust is excited to provide you the skill-building resources you need to make your dreams a reality. And because helping you thrive is our number one goal, we’ve made turbo-charging your money expertise fun and easy.

Within Enrich, you’ll enjoy:

Courses Multimedia Resources Tools


Multimedia Resources


Complete personalized courses to learn new skills and reach your personal financial goals.

Access interactive multimedia content, such as webinars, articles and games, that can help support your learning.

Utilize tools that can help you maintain healthy money habits.
And So Much More!

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To take advantage of all that Enrich has to offer, complete your personalized profile and start exploring all the ways to fast-track your goals.

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