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  • Receive Skip-A-Pay reminders in the mail throughout the year 
  • Skip your payment any need to wait for a coupon
  • Skip up to 2 payments every 12 months (rolling)
  • You can even skip your payment in two consecutive months

Simply mail in a Skip-A-Pay coupon or call us any time you want to skip your payment. Each time you Skip-A-Pay, a $50 processing fee per loan will be applied.

Never want to skip your payment? Just call us. You'll stop receiving Skip-A-Pay offers from us in the mail, but you'll always have the option if you want it.

The Following Loan Types Qualify for Skip-A-Pay:

  • Auto Loans
  • Recreational Vehicle Loans
  • Signature Loans


*In order to skip your payment, your loan account cannot be delinquent, and we must receive the coupon or phone call no more than seven (7) days past your due date. If we do not hear from you, the payment on your loan(s) will be due as scheduled. A $50 fee for each Skip-A-Pay will be assessed. This fee is a finance charge. If a Skip-A-Pay request is approved, you will not be required to make your payment(s) for that month. Regular payment(s) will resume the following month. If you skip your payment(s), finance charges will continue to accrue and the total finance charges will increase above the amount shown on your loan agreement. The maturity date of your loan(s) will be extended.

**Skip-A-Payment excludes Lines of Credit, Credit Cards, all leases, balloon notes, single pay notes, and real estate loans. Not all loans will qualify. Other restrictions may apply.


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Contact us online, give us a call at 713.428.3200 / 800.321.2411, or stop by a branch for any questions about loans or insurance.




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