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Financial Wellness Works



Elevate your business with us. Many business owners and human resources professionals realize finances can cause significant stress in the workplace, and you pay a pretty penny to keep your employees happy, healthy and engaged with health insurance, paid vacation, perks and bonuses – all at a hefty cost to your bottom line.

 People’s Trust is dedicated to helping your employees live healthier and happy lives at no cost to you. Partner with us to become a People’s Trust Preferred Employer and elevate your business with financial wellness.

 Watch the short video below about how financial wellness works for employees and can boost your bottom line.

To learn more, get started or call 713.428.3200 and ask to speak to an Account Executive about becoming a Preferred Employer.


Alleviating employee stress can lead to increased productivity and happy and healthy employees positively impacting your company’s bottom line. 

People’s Trust offers a suite of financial education seminars to educate and guide your employees to financial savviness and success. Depending on your very own employees’ financial education needs, we can offer as many or as little as you’d like.

You’re only a few steps away from helping your employees achieve financial wellness that works. Take a look at our workshops and brief descriptions and then schedule your seminar with us

Car Buying

Best practices to navigate the car buying process for new or used vehicles - online search tools, test drive key components, and best ways to negotiate.

Home Buying

We’ll help you achieve the American dream of home ownership. Learn how to use tools to budget, shop, secure and close on the home of your dreams.

Understanding Your Credit Report & Score

Reading and understanding a credit report doesn’t have to be a burden.  We’ll show you how to obtain your personal credit report, and how credit history affects you. 

Steps to Financial Freedom

Achieving lifelong financial success can seem like an overwhelming task. Let us help you with our step-by-step plan so you can gain long-term control of your finances.

Be Credit Wise

Many members want to take advantage of flexibility in their spending plans by using credit. Learn the benefits of credit and how to make it work for you, not against you.

Saving to Achieve Your Goals

Already saving or want to save more? Saving to Achieve Your Goals will help them along with proven tools of budgeting, developing a plan, and saving. 

Kids & Money

Introduce everlasting skills early on with an interactive session to take kids and their parents through the basics of money. Where does money come from and why is it important to start saving early?

Money Concepts for Teens and Young Adults

Introducing young members to fundamental money concepts including earning money, setting goals, and budgeting. Explore life after school and get ready for the workforce.

Get Started

Fill out this short form and tell us a little bit about you and your company. One of our Account Executives will be in touch to discuss how with financial wellness, everyone wins. 

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